It’s not always that you can tell why en error is occurring. So here’s a couple of things that can course your video recording to stop after 1 second of filming – and possible solutions:

Solution first because you just wanna fix this fast. Possible reasons for the issue afterwards.

Possible reasons and solutions:

R: There has been an update of the app. (An error rarely occurs after an app update)

S: If your app doesn’t function as intended after an update then it may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled (not always enough to ). After a reinstall you don’t need to enter all your informations again. Enter your phone number and the confirmation code you receive by sms. And you’re good to go again. Your phone number acts as you login and VideoFlipp™ shows all of your info in the app. Only thing you have to have in mind is that if you made changes in Settings, then you will have to do them again.

R: Your phone is out of local storage.

S: Free up some space and toggle the “Enable offline” to off in app settings. Then your recordings will not be saved on your phone only in cloud.