If you need to add more users to you PRO account you will need to enter the Company Number in the new users app in Profile-settings.

Most people cannot remember the Company Number because it’s very difficult to remember. Fortunately you don’t have to remember it. There’s a couple of ways to get you Company Number:

1. Open VideoFlipp app on your own phone – or a user that you know is on your PRO account – and navigate to Profile settings and just enter the same Company Number on the new users phone.

2. Find it in your company administration.
2.1. Go to your company administration (portal.videoflipp.com) in a webbrowser.
2.2 Sign in and click on Company Settings in top navigation. Then click Edit Company.
2.3Here you will see your Company Number. Something like this: DG4LA2F8

3. Send us an email and we will retrieve it and send the Company Number to you – after we of course verify that you are you 🙂

4. If you are a FREE user then you don’t have a Company Number. You can sign up and get one here. 1 free months!