There can be a couple of reasons why the app or the phone crashes and I will list some here and possible solutions as well.


The system behind VideoFlipp is very complex and is undergoing maintenance and updates almost on a weekly basis. This may result in you having to uninstall and reinstall app. This is very seldom because most updates can be done without you ever knowing.

But sometimes the system requires a reinstall. Luckily this is a very easy job for you. Please see solution 2 further down the article.


1: Exit app and close app completely. Open VideoFlipp again. If you still get the issue then go to solution 2.

2: Cannot fix issue or phone keeps crashing? Delete and reinstall VideoFlipp app. You will not loose any videos and you will only have to enter phone number and accept permission to going again.

Extra: If you are on a PRO account you don’t have to enter Company Number again. Your phone number is your login, so the system recognises you.