Features & Benefits

This is what you get when you use VideoFlipp

Intuitive app and backend interface

Our main focus is to keep our service as intuitive and simple to use as possible. Anyone should be able to use VideoFlipp.

Company video cloud

With a Pro account you get a private company cloud for all of your videos.

Easy sharing to SMS or email

Send your videos to any SMS or email address in the world at any given time.

Total overview. Total control.

All of the recordings regardless of who is creating them within the company will within minutes be available on the administrators account.

Video description

Give all of your videos a title and/or description to get fast overview of content or for extra info belonging to the video.

Easy for anyone to use

No need for being a techie. Simple recording and automatic upload to company cloud.

Invite any co-worker to join and collaborate

All videos within the company can be accessed and shared by any co-worker.

GPS logging [Coming soon]

When recoding a video or taking pictures the location is logged via GPS. It gives you great overview of your work.

Take pictures [Coming soon]

You don’t want to record a video? No problem. You will soon be able to take pictures also. We’ll make a simple toggle button to choose between video and picture.


We listen to you. Submit an idea or a praise in our Uservoice feature.
Submit a request here.

Ticketing System

Get quick support. We aim to help you within 24 hours. Look in our Knowledge Base including FAQ and How-to videos.

Automatic upload to cloud

Don’t worry about getting your video documentation to the right service or cloud. Automatic upload and easy for anyone to use.

Annotate videos [Coming soon]

Annotate, write, draw on the videos. You get a new video for every time you annotate a video. The original video will always be kept clean.

Never lose any documentation

Never lose any of the video documentation recorded by your coworkers when using private or company devices.

Video Analytics [Coming soon]

With Video Analytics you get data like how many times the videos are watched, was the video watched to the end, how many times were they sent and much more useful data.

"VideoFlipp™ er blevet et integreret og vigtigt salgsværktøj i vores hverdag. Og vores kunder er vilde med de korte præsentationer og den øget sikkerhed og troværdighed videoerne giver dem."

- Per Guldborg, Autos.dk

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